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“New Therapies” and “The Microbiome: the bacteria of human body”: two scientific update lectures recorded in video

09 gener 2016 | basic, Notícies

Dr David Bueno, Professor of Genetics of the University of Barcelona, gave these lectures under the AmgenTeach programme 2014-2015, oriented to Secondary teachers interested in updated their scientific knowledge. The lectures were given in Catalan language. From this page you can access the videos with English subtitles.
The first lecture, New Therapies, is about the Regenerative medicine, stem cells, the genetic therapy and other related aspects that are challenging the practice of the medicine in the beginning of the XXI Century.

The other lecture, The Microbiome: the bacteria of human body, presents the diversity of microorganisms that lives with us, a relevant subject since there are 350 more bacterial gens in our body than eucariotic gens.